YURI CAFE anchor

The Yuri Times visited newly opened YURI CAFE anchor in Shinjuku 2-chome, Tokyo! “anchor” which has been famous & popular dining bar in Shinjuku 2-chome, the largest LGBTQ town in Japan (even one of the largest LGBTQ towns in all over the world!), reopened as YURI CAFE!!!


Tasty tea & sake,

and books,

… and chitchat.

YURI CAFE anchor

YURI CAFE anchor is here for everyone, regardless of sexuality and age, to spend time surrounded by yuri manga. Reading yuri manga, thinking peacefully, working as your second office (because they have outlets and USB ports at all seat), enjoying foods, drinks and desserts, or even taking nap… you can do whatever you want SURROUNDED by yuri manga.

They have almost 2,000 yuri mangas and all of them are classified by categories such as School Girl Yuri, Shakaijin Yuri etc. They display beautiful art pieces drew by Ayu Inui-sensei and Halcyon-sensei. These are must-see before you die lol

As it was a dining bar before, the foods are amazing! They said tiramisu is one of the most popular items 🙂 Coffee and tea is free-flow with the entry charge. (Please read the below details regarding the price.)

How to Enjoy?

Admission fee
With free-flow coffee, English tea and herb tea. No limits on reading YURI manga over 2000 books. Outlet & USB is available for you to charge your laptop and mobile. (Good to use as remote work!)

Additional 30 mins
Any foods and/or beverages order can extend your stay accordingly.

Payment Method
Only credit cards or mobile payment/digital wallet are accepted. Cash payment is NOT available.

How to Go?

Nearest Station
Shinjuku-sanchome Station

Yamahara Heights 2F, 2-12-15, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, JAPAN

3pm to 11pm (L.O. 10:30pm)**Closed on every Tuesday

Please check their website & Twitter account for opening hours before you visit, because they may be closed for private parties.



Thank you, YURI CAFE anchor! Looking forward to opening it in overseas as well! Kindly check the updated information on their website and twitter as there may have some changes in future.