What is Shosen?

Shosen is a book store that has two locations in Tokyo. One of them located in Jinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ward, is an amazing place to visit because it’s the world’s biggest book town. Jinbo-cho has around 200 book stores, therefore, people say this town that “you will find any books you want”. Even professors come and try to find the treasures. You may not believe us, but you can really smell books in the town because of a huge number of books there!

Shosen’s Yuri Club?

And YES! Shosen also has Yuri-bu since 2017 which is a club consists of people who are really into yuri but they are also the employees of Shosen book store. Their comic area is located on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy many posters and illustrations while climbing up the staircases. You will find many handwritten POPs which you can feel their passion for yuri at their yuri shelves.

How to Go?

Go to 神保町 Jinbocho Station (Toei Mita Line/Toei Shinjiku Line/Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line), exit at A7 and walk through the small path. You will find it right in front of you, but it is the side entrance so you can turn left and you will find the main entrance on the right side.