New to YURI? It is a flower blooming between girls…

The literal meaning of Yuri is lily, a flower, but as a slang, it means girls love in Japanese.

What is love…?

This is one of the biggest eternal question in our life.
It’s also applicable to a relationship between girls.

Love – between friends.
Love – between sisters.
Love – between benefit relationship.
Love – between lovers.

The definition of yuri (girls love) is often discussed in Japan as well. Interestingly, yuri fans are very respectful to each other, therefore, we seldom see people argue for this theme.

How amazing it is…!

The Yuri Times would respect everyone’s opinion for it, therefore, we would like to introduce yuri arts including yuri-ish ones, as long as there is Toutoi (尊い) feeling.

Yuri is a genre that can be enjoyed in many ways by reading, seeing, and feeling. We’ll try our best to find your favorite yuri manga for you!