The Moon on a Rainy Night 1

A high school girl’s chance encounter with an enigmatic female classmate whose musical aspirations were complicated when an accident almost completely took her hearing leads to the slow blossoming of love. Perfect for fans of yuri series like Whisper Me a Love Song and sweet, sophisticated romances like A Sign of Affection.

The Witches’ Marriage, Vol. 1

Opening the Door of Truth is the ultimate goal for many a witch. Gathering enough power to do so is no easy feat however, and a popular method is entering into a “Witches’ Marriage,” a contractual bond that generates more power the closer they grow. Melissa is one such witch―but is her heart truly immune to the adorable Tanya as she claims?

ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! Vol. 4

Flum has triumphed over Dein and thwarted his hostile takeover. With Milkit safe once again and her scars healed, Flum can finally remove Milkit’s bandages and reveal the face of her beloved partner. Things take an abrupt turn, however, when a child without a face of their own arrives on Flum’s doorstep, and the ghost of a defeated foe is revived by the Church of Origin. Just what sinister schemes are lurking behind their pious façade?