Cheerful Amnesia, Vol. 1

When Arisa loses her memories from the past three years, her girlfriend, Mari, worries it might mean the end of their budding relationship. A needless concern, it turns out, because when Arisa lays eyes on her, she falls in love all over again! Arisa’s not about to let a little severe brain damage get her down, because she has a chance to relive all their firsts for a second time―from dates, to kisses, and even beyond…!!

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die, Volume 3

When it comes to idol group Cham Jam, Eripiyo is the oldest — and perhaps only — fan of Maina Ichii. Despite Eripiyo’s enthusiastic support, Maina is the least popular member of the group, but that doesn’t deter Eripiyo, even though she spends so much of her money that she only has a single outfit of her own. But her love for Maina doesn’t waver, even if she knows she might never be noticed for it!

I’m in Love with the Villainess Vol. 5


Rae is willing to do anything to be close to her mean-girl crush Claire, including being her maid and waiting on her hand and foot. And Rae’s hard work is paying off—Claire is even starting to tolerate the other girl’s presence! But that teeny-tiny bit of progress is threatened when a new transfer student shows up. Manaria Sousse is not only a beautiful foreign princess, she’s also Claire’s childhood best friend and first love! How is Rae supposed to compete with that?!

Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord, Vol. 1

Manga editor Asako Suga decides moving into a new home is just the thing she needs to get over a painful breakup with her toxic ex-girlfriend. She finds the perfect place for rent―affordable, spacious, lovely garden included―but there’s one catch. The house comes with a live-in landlord! It’s disappointing enough that Asako can’t have the single life she hoped for, but her cute landlord also seems to be hiding a big secret…Will living together bring them closer, or turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth?

PULSE Vol. 5


After a tumultuous visit with the director, Mel heads home to Lynn, haunted by memories and the guilt they stir up. Will Mel let her regrets about what she did to Sue distract her from the woman she’s with now? Or can Lynn help the heart surgeon work through her complicated past…and maybe blow off some steam in the process?

There’s No Freaking Way I’ll be Your Lover! Unless… Vol. 3


Things between Renako and Mai have just taken a turn for the complicated. After hurting Renako’s feelings, self-flagellating Mai has abandoned all hope of becoming her lover, leaving Renako on a mission to save her from herself. Just what will become of their relationship?! Then, as the pair’s showdown reaches its conclusion, the raven-haired beauty Koto Satsuki throws Renako for a total loop with an unexpected confession of her own!

Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 14

The cherry blossom trip has ended, and it’s time to ring in the new school year. Nadeshiko and friends are hard at work trying to recruit members for the Outdoor Exploration Club. Are there any students who’ve got the camping spirit in them?!

She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat, Vol. 3

Though Nomoto is at peace with her sexuality, she can’t shake the uneasiness she feels when she struggles to relate to other lesbians’ stories. Meanwhile, Kasuga receives a text message that causes unwelcome memories to come rushing back…Luckily, the new year brings new friends―and as their dinner party of two expands, so do their feelings for each other!