The Moon on a Rainy Night 2

A high school girl’s chance encounter with an enigmatic female classmate whose musical aspirations were complicated when an accident almost completely took her hearing leads to the slow blossoming of love. Perfect for fans of yuri series like Whisper Me a Love Song and sweet, sophisticated romances like A Sign of Affection.

Sheep Princess in Wolf’s Clothing Vol. 1

Aki Rikujo, a Wolfa, works as a butler at the royal castle in the land of Sheepa. Her quiet and peaceful days get shaken up when she saves the life of Princess Momo Shiudafaris. The shy sheep princess immediately latches onto Aki who, before she knows it, becomes the princess’s private tutor. Momo wants more than just math lessons from Aki, and even sneaks into the wolf-woman’s bedroom to seduce her! Aki soon realizes that, under the timid woolly exterior, Momo is a wild animal!

Kiss the Scars of the Girls, Vol. 1

““I’m sure someday, I’ll get you to look my way.” Danger and uncertainty are common for a young vampire, which is why Emille will be assigned a “Big Sister” on her fourteenth birthday, like all the girls at her school. Deep within a secluded forest, her sister will teach her how to hunt and safely feed on humans. Learning to rely on each other for survival cultivates a deep relationship comparable to that between family―but does theirs have the potential to evolve into something more?”

School Zone Girls Vol. 5

As the school’s culture festival draws nigh, Rei and Kei begin preparing for their class’s maid café. Seeing Kei in a maid outfit brings the true meaning of “cute” home for Rei! Meanwhile, in Class B, Fuji is finally realizing how she really feels about Kishiya!

The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This Vol. 4

Wanko finally manages to land a major role after multiple auditions. At the same time, Ellie reaches a turning point as she works on her original project! The story of the sweet relationship between a twenty-two-year-old rookie voice actress and a thirty-two-year-old scriptwriter reaches its happy ending!