Whisper Me a Love Song 8

The school festival is finally here! Himari is selling cookies and Yori is… well, she doesn’t seem to want anyone to know, but Himari is desperate to find out! She and Yori are becoming more and more secure in their relationship, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room to grow. But while Himari’s feelings are blossoming like beautiful flowers, Shiho is trying to uproot her own forlorn love like a bed of weeds. Aki is completely oblivious to Shiho’s feelings for her, let alone how much it torments her… When the truth finally comes out, Shiho hopes she’ll be able to move on with her life at last, but somehow love is never that simple…

Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord, Vol. 2

Sharing a house with the former pop idol Miyako is going smoother than Asako ever expected! But her cohabitant might not be having such an easy time?! Miyako suddenly finds herself harboring mysterious feelings towards her manga editor roommate. It’s then that she receives shocking news-her former idol unit is coming out of hiatus! Amidst all her confusion, Asako reaches out a hand of support…but can Miyako return to being the carefree landlord she once was?!

How Do I Turn My Best Friend Into My Girlfriend? Vol. 1

Minami and Yuzu have been besties since…well, forever! Or at least that’s what Minami thought. But when some rando confesses to Yuzu, Minami realizes that her feelings might not be what you’d typically call “friendship” anymore. It doesn’t take long for Minami to realize she wants to change their relationship status, but will she be able to muster the courage to confess? Or will she simply be happy being by Yuzu’s side?

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die, Volume 5

Forthright and impetuous Eripiyo is the number one stan for Maina, a sidelined member of the underground idol group Cham Jam, spending a fortune on CDs, merch, and fan meetings to support her fave. As fan events come and go, Eripiyo remains steadfast in catching a glimpse of Maina at every opportunity — and despite her shy personality, Maina’s adoration and gratitude for Eripiyo’s support is beginning to bridge the awkward gap between them as idol and fan.

When a lucky break brings an influx of new fans to Cham Jam, the lines begin to blur between Cham Jam’s indie status and what it takes for them to break into the national spotlight as the group travels to Tokyo! But newfound popularity brings with it its own set of insecurities and complications. To support an idol group from the very start and see them flourish should be every fan’s dream, right? And yet, there’s a bittersweet feeling that comes with becoming just one among a multitude of fans…

Sheep Princess in Wolf’s Clothing Vol. 2 

Aki and Momo have been spending more time together, having even gone on a date outside of the castle. But Momo is always pushing for more, which makes Aki even more flustered than usual. After all, Momo is a princess, and Aki’s just a mere butler! Can Aki figure out her feelings for Momo before someone gets hurt?