Otherside Picnic 10

Toriko and Sorawo face off against Kano Sannuki, a bizarre entity in the form of what appears to be an old woman. Can Sorawo come up with a plan to disarm this strange foe, who may prove to be one of their trickiest challenges yet?

Meanwhile, the specter of Satsuki Uruma continues to stalk the two girls. And when the name “Lunaurumi” begins to pop up online, it signals the start of the biggest threat they’ve ever had to face!

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die, Volume 7

When it comes to idol group Cham Jam, Eripiyo is the oldest — and perhaps only — fan of Maina Ichii. Through thick and thin, the dead heat of summer, torrential rain, and freezing snow, Eripiyo has been there to show her love for Maina. But when Maina gets injured during a concert, her determination to push through for the sake of her group both inspires and worries Eripiyo. How can she support her favorite idol while encouraging her to rest for her own sake?

Meanwhile, Cham Jam is putting their all into growing their fanbase — between collab events and breaking into videoblogging, the behind-the-scenes peek into their lives inspires a trip down memory lane. Yumeri considers how her feelings toward her idol career have grown and changed, while Maki worries that people from her past will come back to haunt her. A chance encounter between Maina and another fan results in a new realization that she needs to speak up more for herself. But maintaining the fine balance of their private lives and idol personas is harder than it seems…

Throw Away the Suit Together Vol. 1

In this yuri/Girls’ Love romance, two college girls under too much pressure leave city life–by running away to an island together!

Getting into university and job hunting is what they’re expected to do, because that’s what “everyone” does—but what do they really want for themselves? When Haru and Hii-chan decide to take life into their own hands, they toss their resumes into the sea and move to an island together. They soon learn that island living isn’t all blue skies and sunny days…and yet, whatever the future holds, they will face it together.

I Can’t Say No to the Lonely Girl 3

If you crave the latest yuri trending now in Japan, you need this Lonely Girl!

Going to school is a drag for Sora, but she’s slowly coming around—especially since summer vacation is here! Despite finally making friends, Sora feels the brush-off from Ayaka when the two try to discuss moving their relationship forward.
“Why won’t you refuse me?”
What’s holding Ayaka back? Certainly not peer pressure.
Sora just might pull her “request” card…

A goody two-shoes falls for a devil-may-care underachiever in an uproarious yuri rom-com!

The Summer You Were There Vol. 5

With Kaori stuck in the hospital, Shizuku is resolved to do whatever she can for her. Time is precious since they can only see each other during visitor hours, but Shizuku’s writing helps keep Kaori in good spirits. As the two girls spend more time together, Kaori’s young sister, Shiori, starts to resent how close they are. Accused by Shiori of stealing away her big sister, how will Shizuku handle Shiori’s hurt and jealousy?

Kiss the Scars of the Girls, Vol. 3

“Would you stay with me forever?” That photograph was the last straw. After Emille finds an old picture of Eve and her big sister, she is overcome with jealousy and a desperate yearning to complete the blood vow―to make Eve hers, once and for all. Desiring the same gentle gaze Eve once looked upon her former sister with, Emille hopes she will one day be truly loved. But her doubts that Eve will ever return those feelings tear at her heart, deepening the wounds from a secret she’s kept locked away all this time…

Sheep Princess in Wolf’s Clothing Vol. 3

Since becoming Princess Momo’s tutor, Aki has started to warm up to the girl and has now, to her shock, fallen hard for her. But Aki worries that it’s pointless to confess her feelings. After all, she’s a servant and Momo’s a princess. Why bother to confess her love when they can never be together? Is there any hope for them? Can Aki overcome her own fear and doubt to tell Momo how she really feels?