The Summer You Were There Vol. 4

At the start of summer, Kaori suggested to her writer classmate Shizuku that they should pretend to date to give Shizuku material to write about. Together, they’ve not only gone on dates and grown closer, Kaori has also helped Shizuku face her past. But now, as Kaori sits in a hospital bed thanks to her chronic illness, she tells Shizuku that they should break-up. Shizuku is shocked. Can she show Kaori how much their relationship means to her?

Whisper Me a Love Song 7

Newly confident in their feelings for each other, Himari and Yori are able to tackle their roles in their respective bands with fresh enthusiasm. Himari even convinces Yori to write a new song for SSGIRLS’ school culture festival performance, and this time, it’s going to be a group effort. This song will belong to the whole band, and they eagerly discover the ideas each of them has to contribute to its creation. Meanwhile, the members of Laureley have begun to open up to Himari and end up taking her on an unexpected daytrip, where she learns some crucial details about the band’s past. But there’s one more secret she doesn’t know yet–one that will put Yori center stage in this emotional drama…

Does it Count if You Lose Your Virginity to an Android? Vol. 3

Workaholic Tsuda Akane is slowly learning the ins and outs—and ins and outs—of living with a sex android. She’s even begun to consider formally registering herself as Nadeshiko’s master. But when Akane’s childhood friend Jun arrives for a surprise visit, things rapidly spiral out of control! First, Jun declares that she’s loved Akane since they were kids. And before she can even react, Nadeshiko does the unthinkable and declares that she’s Akane’s fiancée!

I’m Not a Succubus! Vol. 4

Sakura, a human only pretending to be a succubus at her monster girl high school, finds herself the very center of sapphic attention! Harpy Hayate’s laying period is coming up, and she’s harboring the hope that her crush Sakura will help her with passing her egg! Meanwhile, every body part—including tails, tentacles, and wings!—is fair play during a sweaty game of kick volleyball in the school’s gymnasium! When Hayate and Sakura encounter one another in the gym’s supply room after the match, anything can happen…but what will?!

My Cute Little Kitten Vol. 2

“We can’t have sex because our cat’s in heat?”

Rena and Yuna have finally found themselves a new apartment where they can live together with their adorable kitten Chibi in peace. But it’s not “happily ever after” just yet! Can the two lovebirds navigate issues in their relationship, the work-life balance, and cat ownership?

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn Vol. 17

The secret society Poseidon has officially launched Operation Third Lightning, and danger looms over the island of Cenancle. Meanwhile, in order to stop the battle between Clarion and Phobos, Nene and Neko-chan attempt to go inside Clarion!