Vampeerz, Volume 3: My Peer Vampires 

A new vampire is in town, but whose side is she on? On the surface Khara appears to be a threat to Aria but this immortal appears to have motives that are not quite threatening.

I Don’t Know Which Is Love, Vol. 1

With high school graduation approaching, Mei Soraike tries to confess her love to her best friend for whom she had long harbored a secret crush…only for her hopes to be crushed. But a little heartbreak is fine―because she’ll absolutely, definitely, without a doubt get a girlfriend in college! And no sooner does Mei set her resolve than potential prospects start sidling up to her one by one…?!

PULSE Vol. 4


The relationship between Mel and Lynn is developing quickly as Mel finally lowers her walls and admits her affection for the young heart patient. But things aren’t peaceful for long, as soon Detective Gale is knocking at the apartment door with an arrest warrant for Mel! The heart surgeon’s fight with Grace’s fiancé lands her in serious hot water and her license to practice medicine is on the line. As Lynn’s condition deteriorates, it’s more important than ever that Mel be the doctor her girlfriend desperately needs.

I Don’t Need a Happy Ending: A collection of short stories

From office workers to high schoolers to a mistress and her maid, dive into a collection of girls love stories from the author of Assorted Entanglements! Mikanuji delivers a tantalizing mix of sweet and spicy in this anthology―including a brand-new epilogue for her short story “I Don’t Need a Happy Ending”!

Does it Count if You Lose Your Virginity to an Android? Vol. 2


Workaholic Tsuda Akane toils by day at an electronics manufacturer. By night, she drinks alone in her messy apartment, and one night the consequences come back to bite her when she drunkenly orders a sex android! Just when Akane was starting to get used to home-cooked meals, clean sheets, and constant orgasms, a mysterious letter invites her to an event meant only for the owners of sex androids. But they’re illegal tech! Who knows Akane’s secret?!