Kase-san and Yamada Vol. 3

Fall has arrived and Kase-san’s schedule is as full as ever with track and dorm life. Meanwhile, Yamada is busy working with the gardening club to create a garden for the university festival! When a gardener Yamada adores arrives to help out, Kase-san gets worried. Can she handle another bout of jealousy, especially when a handsome young actor known as the “flowerbed prince” joins in on the fun?

Yuri is My Job! 12

Nene tells Sumika the truth about her past with Yoko and is finally able to take a fresh step forward. At the same time, feeling isolated and unsure in her relationship with Sumika, Kanoko looks for someone to confide in. She reaches out to Yoko, who invites her to an intimate chat at a hotel…

I Married My Female Friend Vol. 2

After Ruriko’s hospitalization, Ruriko and Kurumi’s connection seems to be deepening. But that doesn’t make them immune to the odd argument! Can they work through the knots that come with tying the knot?

Kiss the Scars of the Girls, Vol. 2

“I couldn’t bear to be hurt like that again.” The death of her big sister at the hands of vampire hunters shattered Yucca’s world. There was only one person left who she cared for―Emille. But the girl she so desired seemed out of reach, always with her big sister, Eve. In her attempts to stem the tide of jealousy and grief, Yucca steals Emille away, closing them off from the rest of the world. Now Emille’s only hope is Eve. Before she can come to Emille’s rescue, though, Eve must reckon with the scars that remain on her heart…

ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! Vol. 5

After discovering a monstrosity made up of human bodies in the streets of the city, Flum is shaken to her very core. Seeing her master so uneasy, Milkit summons the courage to speak her mind in a way that Flum has never witnessed before. Meanwhile, Ottilie and Eterna continue their covert investigation into the Church of Origin and the savage experiments they’ve been performing in secret. When they appear to hit a dead end, though, Eterna decides it’s time to question Ink, the mysterious girl currently living in Flum’s home. Could she have the answers they seek?