The Yuri Times had an interview with Namaniku-sensei who is the creator of Love Only the Body, and we talked so much about its backgrounds.

This post is the last part of the interview, please check the first part from the link below.

The Yuri Times: By the way… staying in a Love Hotel is not cheap, right? How come Sayama easily takes Tohgoh to a Love Hotel?

Namaniku: They are working for a company selling home appliances. I did research the salary of this industry and found that the pay seems pretty good, so she should receive enough money to stay in a Love Hotel (lol). Also, not so much overtime work is required in this industry (*THE YURI TIMES comment: Companies in certain industries in Japan require employees to work overtime. Yes it’s Japan…), so they can enjoy their time after work like going out for a drink or staying in a Love Hotel. You will realize they often go to a Love Hotel if you see my FANBOX page, and now you know how they can manage this.

Wow, so detailed! Can we ask you why your name is Namaniku (= raw meat) if you don’t mind…?

My main pen name (Twitter account name) is Yakiniku (grilled meat), and when I needed to pick another name for yuri account, I just chose something related to meat without thinking too much (lol). The reason why I chose Yakiniku (grilled meat) was because the day I registered my Twitter account, I had a plan to go to Yakiniku (grilled meat = BBQ)… That’s all…

Oh, so you love BBQ meat?

I prefer Sushi to meat.

Oh…LOL… We love Sushi, too! Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy nail arts! And Pokemon cards! I also love to take care of my cat. (*Cat as an animal.) But I really enjoy drawing manga all the way.

That’s amazing! When you draw the characters from Love Only the Bod, do you pay any special attention to them?

Tohgoh has big boobs, so I sometimes draw them too big… I am checking her size to make sure it sticks to the original setting (LOL).

Tohgoh looks cool but she is sometimes useless especially after work…

She does look cool and beautiful, but her personality is not… I love this gap (LOL).

How about Sayama?

Sayama is the perfect woman, she is just my type! She is adorable, blonde hair, and fluffy, whom everyone wants to take care of. BUT! She is a bit crazy… that is why I LOVE HER!!! SHE IS JUST PERFECT FOR ME!!!

We know there are a lot of fans of Sayama!

By the way, when Love Only the Body was translated to English, their first name was used at first – Tohgoh is Haruka & Sayama is Rika. Since I don’t understand English, I didn’t request amendments that much but I strongly requested them to use their surname instead . (*Comment by THE YURI TIMES: calling by first name doesn’t happen in Japan especially at work. It sounds too close like friends. This effect shows that they have a certain distance.)

We heard that there is another woman in this story?

YES! There is a woman at the lesbian bar when Tohgoh goes there. She is trying to approach Tohgoh, because she thinks Tohgoh is the perfect woman for her. She is twenty years old and not actually a lesbian yet, she is still trying to figure out her sexuality. So Tohgoh — cool and beautiful — is her ideal woman whom she may fall in love with. However, as she has no experience, once she knows Tohgoh is Cat (bottom), she starts avoiding Tohgoh.

No wonder the woman’s nails are long and Tohgoh’s nails are short..

Eh! Nails?! If she gets attention because of this interview, I may draw her in the future (lol).

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