As we tweeted (quiet sometime ago…), The Yuri Times visited Bloom Into You POP UP SHOP IN AMNIBUS STORE in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The first thing caught out eyes was that these image panels of the scenes from the anime! If you are a fan of Bloom Into You, you may be able to remember the quotes from each panels 🙂

They sell limited goods such as mug cups, acrylic stands, budges and canvas boards. However, the canvas boards are already sold out when we got there…

They had some T-shirts too! Touko, Yuu and Sayaka were printed on them.

You can get a special post card if you purchase more than JPY 2,160! But it’s randomly selected and while stocks last.

Of course, taking a picture is allowed except a T-shirts with autograph of Karin Isobe who played Sayaka Saeki for the theater show.

THE YURI TIMES team is not living in Japan right now but very lucky to have opportunity to visit there. Japan is yuri wonderland~! Amazing~!